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Community Planning Services

Placemaking the Future, Preserving the Past

At UBAN, we’re constantly thinking about how our communities will reflect the changing needs of society. Merging more than six decades of community planning and urban design knowledge with cutting-edge innovation and a forward-thinking approach, UBAN helps our public and private clients create plans and designs that respect the past, energize the present, and anticipate needs of the future.

Distinctive, Diverse and Resilient Communities

UBAN helps clients create unique and thoughtful neighborhoods that are innovative, sustainable and meet the growing needs of evolving communities. We pride ourselves on providing planning services that are both visionary and implementable. Our approach to design incorporates environmental, cultural, and economic elements to give each community a unique identity reflecting its own values.

A Holistic Approach to Community Planning

UBAN's interdisciplinary approach — along with our in-depth knowledge of public policy — allows us to offer clients comprehensive planning and design services, including:

Community Outreach

When it comes to planning projects, there are often high stakes and strong opinions from stakeholders. Though some may consider this a challenge, we are enticed by complexity and see stakeholder passion as an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and create projects that brings communities together. Our public engagement specialists design community outreach programs to identify key stakeholders and integrate their concerns into inclusive, solution-oriented planning programs.

Market and Economic Analysis Services

At UBAN we know that planning for success means planning early. Our planning services don't start with a blueprint, they start with in-depth analysis of the viability of a proposed project or idea based on a myriad of economic factors and market demands. Our in-house Market and Economic Analysis team helps clients:


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